Message from the RF(I) Chair

P.T. Prabhakar

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

A very Happy 2020 to you and your family members. May the New Year bring happiness and all the very best in your life. May the New Year also give you more opportunities for “Doing Good in the World”.

2019 was a great year for The Rotary Foundation in India. We had excellent contributions from the Rotarians. In 2019, we had….. AKS , …..endowments and…. Major donors adding up to a large sums of Money. The small contributions too made up a big impact. My Compliments to each donor for their generosity. It is a matter of great pride and I am sure, this will carry on in 2020 too.
It is a matter of great pride for all of us, that, in 2019-20, India contributed US$21million to TRF and was number 2 in the world in total contributions.

2019 also saw a plethora of Global Grants, in nearly all areas of focus. The Grants helped bring smiles when the infants were healed, when the villages got clean drinking water and when WINS (Wash in schools) brought hygiene to thousands of schools.
We reached out to thousands of people who were poor and down trodden. I am sure their prayers and blessings have enriched our life.

In this New Year, let us again re-dedicate ourselves to giving and “Doing Good in the World”.

warm regards,