Message from the RF(I) Chair


Fellow Rotarians,


Every Rotarian who contributes to The Rotary Foundation does so because of his/her enormous trust and faith in the organisation. India while being amongst the top three countries in contribution to The Rotary Foundation is also amongst the top recipients of grant funds from The Rotary Foundation. This is so, because of the large number of Global Grants that take place in India. In utilising the funds for various Global Grants we need to be extra-ordinarily cautious and maintain strict stewardship of these grant funds. These are contributions made by our fellow Rotarians and we must not belie the faith and trust that they have reposed in The Rotary Foundation. We must be very vigilant and report any misuse of such funds immediately to the appropriate authority.

The last quarter is of the current Rotary year is fast approaching and it is time for each and every Rotarian to join in the effort of achieving our contribution goal of US$ 26.5 million. Surprisingly only 20% of the 1.4 lac Rotarians in India contribute to the Rotary Foundation. Imagine if the remainder 80% made a contribution, India would not only achieve its contribution target but exceed the same!!
If you haven’t yet planned to join the centennial celebrations at the Atlanta Convention please do so immediately and be a part of the same.

Warm regards and greetings of the season – Happy Holi Celebrations!

Warm Regards

Yashpal Das
Chairman, Rotary Foundation India, 2015–16
Rotary Club of Ambala.
Vice Chair, Rotary Foundation (India) 2013-14.
Director, Rotary International 2011-13.