Message from the RF(I) Chair


I am very happy to inform you that as of the month of February we are faring better than at the same period last year and this is in all spheres of Rotary Foundation (India).

I am giving you a snapshot of the contributions, Rotary Grants and the number of AKS members for the period from 1st July through 28th February for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19.


Rotary year Annual Fund * Polio Plus Other Giving Endowment Fund Total Contributions
2018-19 $2,520,357 $203,514 $2,661,476 $2,215,537 $7,600,884
2017-18 $2,862,112 $228,600 $2,110,277 $358,512 $5,559,501

Rotary Grants:

Rotary year No of grants Amount USD
2018-19 177 12.15
2017-18 174 10.20

AKS members:

Rotary year AKS member
2018-19 8
2017-18 4

We have done reasonably well in the field of getting contributions from CSR. The contributions received for CSR are $ .59 million and the commitments the equal to $ .59 million. These contributions have helped us do grants worth $ 1.75 million and we still have 4 months to go in the year.

Let us keep “giving” to strengthen our Rotary Foundation so that we can keep “doing good in the world” through projects under the six areas of focus.

warm regards,
Shekhar Mehta
Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar.
Director, Rotary International 2011-13.