Message from the RF(I) Chair


Dear Family members of Rotary India,

I am happy to accept this new and important responsibility as Chair, RF (I) for 2021-22.
My predecessors have successfully steered responsibilities and here I am seeking your help in suggestions and guidance to make our RF (I) stronger.

Our graphs of Giving, Endowments and AKS are all showing upward trend. It is heartening to see Annual Giving and Polio contributions up by 52.7% and 8.5% respectively as of September 2021. We also have a new CSR India Grant model that is expected to mop up corporate contributions. We all know that this year is a special year for all of us as our dear Shekhar Mehta is the world Leader. Past records clearly depict phenomenal increase in our performance in all 3 avenues of Strategic Plan mainly -Membership, Public Image & Giving. I am confident that we will live up to our World Leader’s Expectations.

Covid-19 has continued to bother us even in 2021 and created significant shift in utilization of resources. Thanks to the wisdom of Trustees of our Rotary Foundation which has helped us to meet with this crisis head-on. We did really well in the fight against covid-19. There has been praiseworthy work done by very many clubs and that certainly deserves our Kudos. Collaboration with other service organizations in the implementation of COVID-19 support activities is the embodiment of Rotary’s vision statement, which will greatly help to dispel any negative myths about our organization. India has done really well to fight Covid-19 and now we look forward to have a Hybrid model! Physical meetings with due precautions are happening in small clusters.

Friends, I am a firm believer in the saying ACTION SPEAKES LOUDER THAN WORDS!

I look forward to meeting some of you – the key performers – RRFCs, EMGAs etc from time to time to review and improvise our action plan for a better all-round performance.

R I President Shekhar has given us a meaningful theme: SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES!

He has led by example throughout his journey. What an impact has been created! Even ministers now know Rotary and eager to join hands with Rotary. This is our greatest opportunity!

There is a great Chinese proverb: THE GODS CAN NOT HELP THOSE WHO DO NOT SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES. Let us remember this and Seize the Opportunity to Serve to Change Lives.

Sharmishtha joins me in wishing you all well and best wishes for the new year as Diwali is in sight!

Manoj Desai
RF(I) Chair