Message from the RF(I) Chair


Dear Fellow Rotarians,
The Global Grants are an outstanding means of doing meaningful projects under the Areas of Focus. The Areas of Focus are so wide in their scope that most of the activities that one would like to do as per the needs of the community in India are covered under them. The true essence of a global grant is understanding the need of the community, building bridges of goodwill and understanding through the partners in the global grants, making contributions to Rotary Foundation and finally serving the community on a sustainable basis by project implementation.

Last month itself 24 Global Grants to the tune of $ 1.62 million were approved for India along with one District Grant. The areas of focus under which these grants are – Basic Education and Literacy (4), Disease Prevention and Treatment (14), Maternal Child Health (1), Water and Sanitation (5).

I compliment the clubs and districts for their outstanding efforts in applying for Global Grants. While this is good, I am making one cautionary remark that the enthusiasm shown by Indian Rotarians in applying Global Grants have resulted in drying up of funds of the India Account of TRF. I have received notification from Rotary Foundation that because of this, please expect a little delay in disbursement of the funds. Yet I would encourage clubs to keep doing the grants and in turn, also make greater contributions to the Rotary Foundation.

I am happy that the total contribution in India has crossed $4 million but we are far away from our goal of $30 million. As of January, 18 India ranked at no. 6. But we are the proverbial tortoises who are slow but steady. But somehow probably we metamorphosise into hares in the last part of the Rotary year and move rapidly. I, therefore, urge each of you to start making the contributions to The Rotary Foundation so that we can reach our set goal.

With best wishes for the season.

Yours truly,
Shekhar Mehta
Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar.
Director, Rotary International 2011-13.