Message from the RF(I) Chair

P.T. Prabhakar

Indian Rotary – the Kohinoor Diamond in the Crown of Rotary International

It is a great time to be a Rotarian from India.

Yes, we are celebrating the 100th year of Rotary in India! What a great occasion!!

We have other reasons to celebrate as well.

For the last 5 years, India has been no. 1 in the world in membership growth!

This, at a time, when traditional Rotary countries like USA, UK, Japan etc are all having a negative membership growth.

Our contributions to the Rotary Foundation have been phenomenal!

In the last 5 years, we have overtaken gigantic contributors to TRF, like Korea, Canada & Japan. Only the USA is ahead of us in giving to TRF.

For the last 4 Rotary years (2015-16 to 2018-19), India has been the 2nd highest contributor to TRF (only behind USA).

In 2018-19, India ranked no. 2 in the world, in contributions to TRF, with a total contribution of US$ 21.39 million!

Please see table above, for the details of the last 5 years contribution to TRF from India.

India also receives the largest number of global grants from TRF

This shows that we are not only contributing money to TRF but we are spending millions of invaluable man hours, executing the global grant projects, thereby helping TRF achieve its object of “Doing good in the world”.

In 2018-19, out of a total number of global / district grants of 1897, given by TRF, globally, for a total value of US $ 112.9 million, India received 292 grants for a value of US$ 22.8 million. India received 20% of ALL TRF grants which is excellent!

These global grant projects, cover all our areas of focus and have made Rotary, the preferred partner of Government of India and the industries for their CSR efforts.

All the contributions made in India to TRF are made to Rotary Foundation India (RFI).
RFI is a society registered in India under the societies registration act. RFI is an associate foundation of TRF with the purpose of providing tax benefits (80G exemption) to the Indian donors.

All the RI senior leaders from India, namely, past R I Presidents, Past Directors, Current Directors and Current Trustee from India are the Trustees of RFI.

I have the privilege and honour of serving as the Chairman of RF(I) for 2 years ( 2019-21).

We have eradicated Polio from India, in 2014, which is the no. 1 priority of our organization !!

In short, India has become one of the prime movers of Rotary International, because, we are giving the members and we are giving the money….the two top priorities of the R I Board and the trustees of TRF.

I would like to conclude by saying:

“As small as a polio drop, as big as world peace

The miracle of Indian Rotary shall never cease”

Warm Regards,