Message from the RF(I) Chair

Dear Fellow Rotarians, A very Happy 2020 to you and your family members. May the New Year bring happiness and all the very best in your life. May the New Year also give you more opportunities for “Doing Good in the World”. 2019 was a great year for The Rotary Foundation in India. We had excellent contributions from the Rotarians. In 2019, we had….. AKS , …..endowments and…. Major donors adding up to a large sums of Money. The small contributions

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TRF Trustee Chair Message

Something amazing happened in Vienna in October. A runner from Kenya named Eliud Kipchoge was the first person in history to run a marathon distance — 26.2 miles — in less than two hours. For many years, experts thought this would be impossible. They said the human body was not capable of achieving this feat. But Kipchoge succeeded because he had an incredible team working with him. He had pacers who ran with him every step of the way, and people

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