Message from the RF(I) Chair

Indian Rotary - the Kohinoor Diamond in the Crown of Rotary International It is a great time to be a Rotarian from India. Yes, we are celebrating the 100th year of Rotary in India! What a great occasion!! We have other reasons to celebrate as well. For the last 5 years, India has been no. 1 in the world in membership growth! This, at a time, when traditional Rotary countries like USA, UK, Japan etc are all having a negative membership growth. Our

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TRF Trustee Chair Message

I like to quote Confucius at many Rotary events, because his ideas are so much like ours. Confucius would have been a great Rotarian. Take this Confucius quote, for example: "The failure to cultivate virtue, the failure to examine and analyze what I have learned, the inability to move toward righteousness after being shown the way, the inability to correct my faults — these are the causes of my grief." If you turn the saying around to positive

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