Message from the RF(I) Chair

Dear Fellow Rotarians, A very Happy New Year to you and your family members. May the New Year bring happiness and peace in your life. May the New Year also give you more opportunities for “Doing Good in the World”. 2018 was a good year for The Rotary Foundation in India. We had excellent contributions from the Rotarians. Many Major donors contributed large sums of Money and the small contributions too made up a big impact. My Compliments to each

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TRF Trustee Chair Message

I would be willing to bet that most Rotarians remember the person who sponsored them into their Rotary club. It's a person we will never forget and to whom we will always be grateful for sharing with us such a life-changing opportunity. Having said that, I'm not really sure most of us can pinpoint exactly when our Foundation became so important to us. It's not quite as simple as someone inviting you to a meeting. But I have to think there was some

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