Rotary and CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is referred as a corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on the environment and impact on social welfare and to promote positive social and environmental change. CSR should be more inclusive by which an organization should think about and evolve its relationships with stakeholders for the common good, and demonstrate its commitment by adopting appropriate business processes and strategies.

“Sustainability, social equality and the environment are now business problems. And corporate leaders can’t depend on governments to solve them…” – Peter Senge, Founder, Society for Organisational Learning

Why Partner with Rotary Foundation India:
• International Organization – 220 countries & Geographical areas;
• Strong financial background – 3 year spend approx. INR 850 million;
• Pan-India ‘footprints’ with widespread reach – 3600+ clubs in India;
• Dedicated & engaged Rotarians – 140,000+ members in India;
• Enjoys positive public image – Polio Eradication;
• Structured Global grant implementation process;
• Strong internal processes, reporting pattern and robust stewardship;
• More than 95% of funding Low overhead cost (5% of project cost);
• Charity Navigator– 4 star rating for 9th consecutive year

Causes you can support:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

Indian corporates are looking for new opportunities to invest CSR funds. Corporates have already collaborated with Rotary clubs and districts, providing CSR funds and submitting grant applications for projects in Pune (Maharashtra), Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Bareilly, Kashipur and Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) Discussions are also underway with major Corporates in India.

Rotary Foundation (India) has started accepting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds since October 2016. Rotary clubs and districts in India afford corporates the ability and expertise to undertake innovative, community-based, sustainable projects through Rotary’s Global Grant program.

Rotary’s areas of focus are eligible for CSR funding related to economic and community development, maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, and basic education and literacy. This is an opportunity for Rotarians to explore mutual interests with corporates to plan and implement global grant projects in India using CSR funds.

How are CSR contributions used to fund global grants?
○ Corporations may specify an eligible area of focus for the project
○ A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required between the Corporate and Rotary Foundation (India) outlining the terms of the relationship
○ The minimum CSR contribution is US$32,000 (INR equivalent)
○ CSR contributions will be assessed 5% to cover CSR overhead costs
○ CSR funds will not be matched with World Fund

Corporates will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Individual recognition may be available for the owner of the corporate.

For more information on how corporates, Rotary clubs and districts can connect for CSR opportunities, contact