RF(I) Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate for current month is
1USD = 75.


Rotary Foundation (India)

Rotary Foundation (India) supports selected programs and projects of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Rotary Foundation (India) (“RFI”) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860

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Message from the Chair

Gary Huang. - TRF Trustee Chair

Perhaps the most fulfilling of all human endeavours is to give back, and Rotary offers countless opportunities to do it, such as donating to The Rotary Foundation....

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P.T. Prabhakar-RF(I) Chair

It is a great time to be a Rotarian from India. Yes, we are celebrating the 100th year of Rotary in India! What a great occasion!! We have other reasons to celebrate as well...... Read more


“By Donating to Rotary Foundation I am able to touch the lives of so many deserving people across the Globe, which otherwise may not be possible. My Donation reaches to the most deserving and needy persons with least management expenses.”

Navdeep Chawla.

“Rotary is the only platform in the world, where we have the opportunity to give and also have the opportunity to take... Living is Giving and Giving is Living.”

Jawaharilal Jain

You’ve Helped Raise…

As of 31st May 2020


USD 13.49 m equivalent to 97.18 Cr.

Rotary Grants Disbursed

As of 31st May 2020


USD 21.53 m equivalent to 154.83Cr


The Rotary Foundation (India) Executive Committee meeting will be held at Rotary International South Asia office on 20th February 2020 (Thursday).

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